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 So as I sit and stare at my calendar, it becomes more realistic that spring break is nearly 2 weeks away! It is insane to believe that after spring break, our program will be ending in another near 2 weeks! Where has this time gone honestly? There is so much that has happened since my last blog post. However, I haven’t been the best with keeping up on it, so I am going to be posting a few blogs a week to catch you up on the semester that we have had thus far. I will begin with last weekend for starters. All three CIEE programs took a trip to Granada, which was not only beautiful, but a wonderful cultural experience as well. We stayed at Hotel Carmen, which was beautiful to begin with, and the weekend only improved after arriving! After we settled our bags into our rooms, we had a couple of hours of free time to get some lunch. Of course, most everyone went for tapas and beer! Tapas are a much more exciting and unique system in Granada, because upon ordering a beer or sangria, you get a generous portion of a tapa! After our free time to eat, there was a group tour to see the Cathedral. And although it was a great experience to see, a few others and me went up to a small park and captured a great view of the Alhambra, which was amazing as well. It was also spectacular to see the view of the mountains. After that, we went for tapas round 2 and then headed back to the hotel to meet up to see a Flamenco performance. Which by the way was a spectacular experience! They even called a few of us students up at the end to practice our Flamenco skills with them. The next day was our day trip to La Alhambra, which has been associated with one of the seven wonders’ of the world! To say the least, it was extraordinary!  Such a must see when you study in Spain!



This is a picture in La Alhambra



This photo was taken on our way up to see the view of the mountains and La Alhambra


Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Buenas noches!

So two days ago it was three weeks exactly since arriving in Alicante, but it merely feels like it has been a week since leaving America! I finally feel like I have settled into my dorm almost completely as well as getting used to the meals that they serve in la villa! We have decided that the food could be much worse, but at the same time are envious of the home cooked meals that are served in the home stay families! I choose to live in a dorm verses a home stay, which comes with its perks, as well as disadvantages. La Villa, which is located right next to the CIEE office, as well as walking distance to the campus is convenient for my 9 am Spanish class, which I have Monday-Friday. However, it is a hassle to have to take the bus every time you want to venture downtown or to la playa. Although, I did explore around San Vicente last week, and found many shops and stores that had random things, such as hangers, school supplies and laundry detergent, which helped cross a couple of things off of my “to get” list. Overall, I can’t complain with my decision to live in the dorms. My roommate is amazing, and she speaks English as well as Spanish. Which is convenient, yet a horrible thing at the same time, because you must put that much more effort into getting out of your “English speaking comfort zone” to practice your Spanish. But as Randy stated in his blog prior, you really do get what you put into this experience! Cliché right? But honestly, a true statement! You must practice, practice, and practice your Spanish more everyday to get better! There are so many options to practice your Spanish though, such as an intercambio. Which is a Spanish student that wishes to practice their English as well. Also, at the beginning of the program during orientation we met many wonderful and helpful Spanish student helpers, which were very patient with our “Spanglish.” Many of us have stayed in contact with the student helpers and meet up with them for coffee or to go downtown, which is also a wonderful way to practice your Spanish.


Well I feel like I have rambled on for a while now and need to get started on my homework…the first week of real classes started Monday and the reality of “school” is finally setting in!

Until next time,