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Went on another CIEE-trip today to the lovely Granada. After many self-booked and planned trips, I happily accepted my CIEE itinerary (plus 15 euros!) and nested up for a 5hr bus ride through the countryside. Btdubs, Granada IS SO AWESOME. I think I’m in love. Arrived to some friendly sunshine  and wandered around a bit. And ohmygoodness, there was a river (sorta) and some trees! I forgot what they looked like…


That night they took us to a Flamenco show! Twas very fun, and extremely different than the one in Seville. But fun fact! Michelle Obama went to the same show last year. And it was a neat little set up; they picked us up from our hotels in a super legit fashion (mini-buses, yay!) and drove us up the little mountainside. The shows are in little caves. I got in last, and naturally had a really good view: 


The next day we woke up early and visited the Alhombra! CIEE arranged a private tour for us  - a small bumbling man led around for 2 1/2 hours and fed us tidbits of information here and there. The Alhambra was mighty impressiveand gave gorgeous views of Granada. There were some extensive gardens too.


So then we tidied up the day with some more horchata+tapas, wanderings and a cozy 5hr drive back to Alicante :)