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This weekend the weather was just perfect enough to go to the amusement park... Terre Mítica! CIEE was awesome and planned the trip for us... saving the group a ton of money (which with it being three days before spring break, I'm trying to save all money I can). After arriving at the park around 3:00 we quickly hopped to it and tried to ride every ride in the park... honestly not a difficult task, but it was still a really fun time. 206864_10150169240228521_513238520_6557024_4101773_n

We made it back to Alicante just in time to watch El Clásico (Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona) at a local cafetería.  Though I was rooting for Real Madrid and the final score was a tie... the atmosphere of this intense game will be something I will never forget and will truly treasure. Thank goodness there's a re-match on Wednesday when the same two teams play in the King's Cup, I'm already excited.

And with thoughts of Wednesday, I can't not get excited for spring break which starts on Thursday. of course it brings somewhat bitter sweet thoughts with it being very close to the end, but I won't let that damper my spring break in Italy.

Until next time. 


only a month left?!

It's shocking that we only have a month left, I still feel like I have tons of places I want to see and tons of things I want to do. 

But I'm jumping to panic mode let's keep in the present... this week. So this week the weather was absolutely gorgeous. I've heard from family and friends back home that the weather has been crazy on the east coast, so I can't complain about beach weather. I love being able to bring my homework and a book to the beach, definitely a luxury I don't have in Washington, D.C. at this time.

And after the great weekend getaway CIEE put together for us last weekend to Granada, I'm happy to be home this weekend and resting up with Manoli and Paco (my host family).  Who knew I would ever call Alicante, Spain my home, but isn't anything less. Now that I'm able to have a conversation with my host family and walk around the city without getting lost (of course el castillo is always an orientation point) Alicante is home. So I can't be upset that there's only a month left, because now I just have to enjoy the month to come. 

Until next time,