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Time is ticking...

May 11

I am done with final numba 3! It went SOO well too! My teacher told me that I was a model for how much Spanish someone could learn in a small amount of time if they put their mind to it; she said I was good enough to be in the highest Spanish class!

After class I walked downtown with Deedee to get a horchata. YUM! Then, I headed to David and Gema’s apartment. We had such a fun afternoon! We exchanged music (I have 7 new Spanish CDs to listen to on my runs!); David made a delicious salad and salmon filets for lunch and Gema cut up fresh strawberries and drenched them in zumo de naranja for dessert.  Afterwards, I took my last siesta on their floor! Practically 2 hours long too..I must have been exhausted from all of my walking and sun-intake!

Oh, and how could I forget…

We made videos of the different sounds that animals make! I know it sounds crazy, but somehow we discovered that Spanish animals make different sounds than American animals. We all got quite a kick out of this, and decided to document it for the camera. The strangest one was definitely the sound of a rooster.

The most amazing people-Muchas gracias por todo!

Quote of the Day:

La vida en España: trabajar, comer, tomar una siesta en el suelo, trabajar otra vez (si quieres), fiesta toda la noche …


A photo from this weekend


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