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¡Qué buen tiempo! ¡Estoy morena!

April 9, 2011

Today David and Gema and I spent the entire day together. First, we headed up the Costa Blanca toward Calpe, a village known for its huge rock called the penon de Ifach. We spent the first half of the day climbing el penon de lfach. It was a tricky climb, but it was definitely worth it! There were tons of different types of beautiful flowers and the views from the top were incredible! There were even two cats living up there.

Calpe The hike was a blast. We sang songs (well, we made up lyrics) to distract ourselves from the somewhat scary climb, we tried to pick out where the tourists were from based on their clothing and accents, and we yelled at the seagulls to “¡cállate la boca.”

Afterwards, we enjoyed some local cuisine: Fresh fish! We were lured in by a glass of free sangria; the place was full of tourists (i.e. free entertainment!) We all shared; I tried octopus (pulpo), grilled calamari with aioli sauce, and a bite of shrimp cocktail. The shrimp cocktail was very different from what I am used to and I didn’t really care for it, but the pulpo and the calamari were delicious! Also, I learned something new…apparently, there is a different name for female calamari. (Unfortunately, my memory is failing me at the moment.)

After our late lunch, we headed to the beach to siesta for a bit in the heat of the Mediterranean sun.

Then, we drove to the beautiful village of Altea. The town is characterized by white-washed houses, beaches, a maze of cobble stoned/narrow streets, and lots of places to dine. We wandered into the shops, quenched our thirst at a bar on the square, and did a lot of people watching. It’s funny because, since I have been in Spain for a few months, I don’t feel like a tourist anymore. We all had fun trying to stereotype the foreigners and guess where they were from. (If you can’t already tell, tourist season is in full swing over here!)

That’s all for now.



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