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Lucky Girl

May 8

Yesterday, I went with my program-mates to the pretty-much deserted island of Tabarca. The boat ride was rather unpleasant-as the waves were enough to make my stomach do summersaults. (Let’s just say that it took a lot to keep it all inside!) But, once we arrived, we had a great time. Lindsay and I explored the island; I collected some sea glass. It was a nice little pre-departure get-together…Luckily the boat ride back was much calmer!

Today David, Gema, and I went to Benitachell- a tranquil and picturesque village with an absolutely stunning coastline. (The houses sort of reminded us of Beverly Hills.) The coastline is formed by a succession of cliffs that stand more than 100m high and descend vertically into the sea; the water was a beautiful aqua color-crystal clear; and there were some awesome caves/water pools.

We hiked around the cliffs; listened to some people talk about the rock formation, ducked into the caves to watch some divers, and wandered down to the pebbly beach to wade in the water/take in some Mediterranean sun! We joked around all day long; I think I made enough face contortions to guarantee myself some extra wrinkles!

After grabbing cold drinks and hiking back up a massive hill from the beach, we headed to lunch. There was only one man serving the whole place, but he was really friendly and the food was very flavorful! We had some sepia (female calamari) and I ate a giant salad. Add in some tinto de verano, some great conversation, and two amazing people; and I couldn’t have asked for a better last weekend in Spain! We clanked our glasses together in honor of our friendship…

Guess what always comes after lunch?…..SIESTA!

We took a snooze on the playa before heading back to Alicante. Since I returned I have been prepping for final numba 1…Back to studying I go…


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