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La primavera está aquí!

April 8, 2011


Uni Alicante is experiencing a mini heat wave! 86 degrees! I am not complaining; however, it does make it much more difficult to pay attention in class when it is gorgeous outside. This week has been busy as usual.

Yesterday David and I went to the beach, drank a refreshing granizado de limón, and took a mini hike out to a lighthouse. We are currently working out plans to go to Portugal!


Today, after my language class, one of the professors took those of us who have fulfilled the language contract (there are only two of us left in the program!) on a tour of Alicante. We got to learn a bit of history and see some historical points of interest. My favorite part was getting to go inside the underground shelters that were used during the civil war.

Let’s see…Oh, Rosa and I went to the mall together this week and I helped her pick out clothes. She is quite the fashionista!

Also, my society class watched an extremely gripping film called “Te doy mis ojos” (Take My Eyes). It was about domestic violence, and it was incredibly difficult to watch. I have NEVER been so effected by a film before! I cried so much that I had to wait for the rest of the class to leave before I could stand up. And then, I continued crying for half of my walk home. I highly recommend the film though-great acting!

Anyways, that’s all for now. I just got back from an afternoon at the beach, and I am about to go read the third book in the Stieg Larsson series!!!!!!!

Imagine this 5 times more crowded!


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