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All Good Things Come to an End...

Language in Context 2011

May 13

I couldn’t have asked for a better last day here in Spain. I went to all of my favorite places and saw all of  my favorite people.

This morning our program went out on a catamaran. We swam, reminisced, and had a mini graduation; I got an award for being the only student to successfully complete the language contract! We all said our final goodbyes and parted ways…

On the catamaran

Then, I had one last family lunch with Rosa and Jesus. She made paella; it was perfect! Later, I headed down to the beach, hung out with some friends, rode the waves, and drank my final horchata.

Finally, I met up with David and Gema. We made our usual stops-La Tagliatella for dinner and the little tea shop. Some of their friends joined us at the teteria to say goodbye as well.

Although I will see David again in Portugal, it was my last night with Gema. I definitely cried when I said goodbye! I am going to miss them both so so so much!

I just finished packing; I have no idea how I am going to travel through Portugal with all of my luggage-it is going to be an adventure for sure! I have never been this nervous to travel before in my life.

On top of my nerves, I still feel like I am on a boat; my body is bobbing up and down. I’m praying that I get a few hours of sleep before my early-morning flight. If all goes well, I’ll be in Lisbon by noon.

Adios España!


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