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6 posts from April 2011


It's not over yet

The semester is almost over with just a few more weeks. Were actually wrapping up classes now. All the final projects and long papers are just a small price to pay for all the memorable moments we had here. This week starts spring break and I can't begin to explain how excited I am. The UK, south of France and italy are just a few places on my list to visit. I can't believe how time flies. Though, I'm not too worried because I still have much to look forward to before my wonderful experience abroad is over. Looking back I've come to realize that this truly is a dream I'm living and I'm making sure I take full advantage. 



This weekend the weather was just perfect enough to go to the amusement park... Terre Mítica! CIEE was awesome and planned the trip for us... saving the group a ton of money (which with it being three days before spring break, I'm trying to save all money I can). After arriving at the park around 3:00 we quickly hopped to it and tried to ride every ride in the park... honestly not a difficult task, but it was still a really fun time. 206864_10150169240228521_513238520_6557024_4101773_n

We made it back to Alicante just in time to watch El Clásico (Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona) at a local cafetería.  Though I was rooting for Real Madrid and the final score was a tie... the atmosphere of this intense game will be something I will never forget and will truly treasure. Thank goodness there's a re-match on Wednesday when the same two teams play in the King's Cup, I'm already excited.

And with thoughts of Wednesday, I can't not get excited for spring break which starts on Thursday. of course it brings somewhat bitter sweet thoughts with it being very close to the end, but I won't let that damper my spring break in Italy.

Until next time. 


only a month left?!

It's shocking that we only have a month left, I still feel like I have tons of places I want to see and tons of things I want to do. 

But I'm jumping to panic mode let's keep in the present... this week. So this week the weather was absolutely gorgeous. I've heard from family and friends back home that the weather has been crazy on the east coast, so I can't complain about beach weather. I love being able to bring my homework and a book to the beach, definitely a luxury I don't have in Washington, D.C. at this time.

And after the great weekend getaway CIEE put together for us last weekend to Granada, I'm happy to be home this weekend and resting up with Manoli and Paco (my host family).  Who knew I would ever call Alicante, Spain my home, but isn't anything less. Now that I'm able to have a conversation with my host family and walk around the city without getting lost (of course el castillo is always an orientation point) Alicante is home. So I can't be upset that there's only a month left, because now I just have to enjoy the month to come. 

Until next time,



First post...

  March 21st

On Sunday, in the early evening Rosa (my host mom) and I went for a walk near the port and then she took me to a really cute cafeteria looking out over the water. It was good bonding time…a great way for me to practice my Spanish for a few extra hours! As we walked, she told me some funny stories-one was the history of these two apartment buildings on the water. Apparently, some wealthy man built a very extravagant apartment building in the early 1900s. A second man (who was dressed in rags because he worked in the mines) went to the first man and asked to purchase an apartment. The man said no because he thought that the ragged man could not afford one of his fancy flats. In reality, the ragged man was extremely wealthy. Thus, he decided to build an even better looking and an even more expensive apartment building right next to the first man’s apartment building. I thought it was a fun story…

On another note, this evening was the first of my tapas cooking class. It was a blast! We made six different tapas-mussels with a veggie vinaigrette sauce, tortilla Española, stuffed mushrooms, tuna salad, patatas with a garlic sauce, and calamari. My favorite tapa was the stuffed mushroom. Everything was super simple to make, so I am definitely going to have to host a tapas party when I get back to the states. I am looking forward to Wednesday’s class!




 So as I sit and stare at my calendar, it becomes more realistic that spring break is nearly 2 weeks away! It is insane to believe that after spring break, our program will be ending in another near 2 weeks! Where has this time gone honestly? There is so much that has happened since my last blog post. However, I haven’t been the best with keeping up on it, so I am going to be posting a few blogs a week to catch you up on the semester that we have had thus far. I will begin with last weekend for starters. All three CIEE programs took a trip to Granada, which was not only beautiful, but a wonderful cultural experience as well. We stayed at Hotel Carmen, which was beautiful to begin with, and the weekend only improved after arriving! After we settled our bags into our rooms, we had a couple of hours of free time to get some lunch. Of course, most everyone went for tapas and beer! Tapas are a much more exciting and unique system in Granada, because upon ordering a beer or sangria, you get a generous portion of a tapa! After our free time to eat, there was a group tour to see the Cathedral. And although it was a great experience to see, a few others and me went up to a small park and captured a great view of the Alhambra, which was amazing as well. It was also spectacular to see the view of the mountains. After that, we went for tapas round 2 and then headed back to the hotel to meet up to see a Flamenco performance. Which by the way was a spectacular experience! They even called a few of us students up at the end to practice our Flamenco skills with them. The next day was our day trip to La Alhambra, which has been associated with one of the seven wonders’ of the world! To say the least, it was extraordinary!  Such a must see when you study in Spain!



This is a picture in La Alhambra



This photo was taken on our way up to see the view of the mountains and La Alhambra


Went on another CIEE-trip today to the lovely Granada. After many self-booked and planned trips, I happily accepted my CIEE itinerary (plus 15 euros!) and nested up for a 5hr bus ride through the countryside. Btdubs, Granada IS SO AWESOME. I think I’m in love. Arrived to some friendly sunshine  and wandered around a bit. And ohmygoodness, there was a river (sorta) and some trees! I forgot what they looked like…


That night they took us to a Flamenco show! Twas very fun, and extremely different than the one in Seville. But fun fact! Michelle Obama went to the same show last year. And it was a neat little set up; they picked us up from our hotels in a super legit fashion (mini-buses, yay!) and drove us up the little mountainside. The shows are in little caves. I got in last, and naturally had a really good view: 


The next day we woke up early and visited the Alhombra! CIEE arranged a private tour for us  - a small bumbling man led around for 2 1/2 hours and fed us tidbits of information here and there. The Alhambra was mighty impressiveand gave gorgeous views of Granada. There were some extensive gardens too.


So then we tidied up the day with some more horchata+tapas, wanderings and a cozy 5hr drive back to Alicante :)