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First post...

  March 21st

On Sunday, in the early evening Rosa (my host mom) and I went for a walk near the port and then she took me to a really cute cafeteria looking out over the water. It was good bonding time…a great way for me to practice my Spanish for a few extra hours! As we walked, she told me some funny stories-one was the history of these two apartment buildings on the water. Apparently, some wealthy man built a very extravagant apartment building in the early 1900s. A second man (who was dressed in rags because he worked in the mines) went to the first man and asked to purchase an apartment. The man said no because he thought that the ragged man could not afford one of his fancy flats. In reality, the ragged man was extremely wealthy. Thus, he decided to build an even better looking and an even more expensive apartment building right next to the first man’s apartment building. I thought it was a fun story…

On another note, this evening was the first of my tapas cooking class. It was a blast! We made six different tapas-mussels with a veggie vinaigrette sauce, tortilla Española, stuffed mushrooms, tuna salad, patatas with a garlic sauce, and calamari. My favorite tapa was the stuffed mushroom. Everything was super simple to make, so I am definitely going to have to host a tapas party when I get back to the states. I am looking forward to Wednesday’s class!



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