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Wait, a Week? Seriously?

Alas, my friends, it's true- we now have a mere week left in our beautiful city of light. Everyone is back from their whirlwind weekends exploring Europe and beyond, and we're all hunkered down for final exams, papers, and presentations... unless you've found a way to procrastinate. If you haven't, here's a hint: write a blog entry! It's a win-win situation!

But seriously folks. As the semester draws to an end, the winter sun fighting bravely to warm the sandy beaches where we once siesta'd entire afternoons away, we inevitably begin heave great sighs and generally look wistful  as we reflect back on the people we've met and the things that we've lea-- Okay, too cheesy. You know where this is going. We've had the time of our lives here, experienced extreme highs and lows, learned two new languages (Spanish proper as well as our own special brand of Spanglish), and frankly, it's starting to feel like maybe just one more week would make us happy. It's only ending one week too soon. We've all got things waiting for us at home, but still-- just a few more days of navigating the streets by the position of the sea, wearing out our camera batteries trying to capture the beauty of the sunset from the castillo, studying at fnac (okay, maybe we won't miss that part), and just generally reveling in the splendor that is Alicante.

But it's time to deal with it and begin to pack, much to the chagrin of our bocadillo-wielding Madres and much to the delight of our poor provincial amigos Americanos. Time to make sure we've bought presents for everyone, nice enough to be thoughtful but not nice enough to instill jealousy in anyone who needed to be cut from the list. Time to count how many pairs of socks, if any, we have left to our name.

I can tell you one thing about the end of something this great-- that it's Family I'll remember most. The family that taught me not only how to speak Spanish, but how to be Spanish, and also the family formed by my fellow strangers in a strange land, the Context crew that shall never be bested. You know who you are.

Don't cry for me Alicante... The truth is I'll never leave you.... etc. etc. etc. You get the picture. Sad to leave, it's been great, now i'm all sad.... thanks a lot study abroad blog.

¡Hasta luego!


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Just enjoy every moment that passes you by, you'll never know when will gonna be it's last. ;)

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