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Nicholas Utter- First Post

Hello world!

My name's Nick Utter, I'm a junior at the University of Colorado at Boulder.   However I was born and bred in a fine area of the world called New Hampshire.  

I've actually been keeping up a separate blog outside of CIEE about my life here in Alicante, thus I'm going to post a plethora of my past entries to provide ya´ll with closer-to-immediate reactions to different things that I've been up to.  


August 31, 2010

I arrived in Madrid Friday morning direct out of Boston to await a connecting flight to Alicante, Spain; Barajas is a HUGE airport, this makes it a large effort to find connecting flights considering the gates aren't assigned until within the hour of takeoffs.

Arrived in Alicante and got picked up by the CIEE folks.  Then a group of us were bussed to the orientation hotel which happened to be absolutely seaside and next to the main city beach. Went out to eat with my new friends that are in the program and had una pinta de Cruzcampo, not my best idea, with una tapa de eggs and potatoes. Afterwards my new friends wouldn’t let me sleep in the hotel room, and we were off to the beach… the playa was very crowded and we saw a significantly larger quantity of topless females (of all types and ages), than I've seen in my life up to this point. Looking back on it, my standard line of wanting to “go people watching” likely freaked out/estranged me from any prospective females in the group.

We went to el barrio that evening and had a few beers etc. Very tired and slept well. Three girls in the group stayed out until 8am! Great work out of them. The next day was orientation etc. and one more night at the hotel before we would meet our host families.We stayed out later on this night (with a nightcap dip in the Mediterranean for me and some others).  There was plenty of trepidation as the hour of meeting our host families drew closer.




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